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6 Week Fitness and Fat Loss Challenge 9/12/2016

Fitness Assessments held during the week of 9/5.   Please check our schedule for times.

Price for members $35   Non Members $139


Ketone Diet (please upload your success to our media pages #getbacktoyou #bfit4life)

Goal Sheet

The 3 Major Difference Between Ketone and Paleo Diets are:  1.  Paleo isn’t necessary low carb.  Paleo believes in the ancient way of eating,  potatoes, sweet potatoes and rooted veggies are acceptable.   2.  Paleo is not necessarily high fat like Ketone Diets are. 3.  Paleo “folks” do not believe dairy was readily available in the ancient days,  so they typically stay away from dairy,  Ketone diets however,  believe dairy is a great source of high fat which is acceptable,  but you can stay away from dairy and still eat a Ketonic diet. It is up to you.