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Our Team

instructorImage01Owner and Founder: Dana Ward

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA, Certified Group Instructor, AFFA, as well as an IDEA Member.

For over 8 years now, BFIT4LIFE has helped hundreds of people in the East Valley feel great, lose weight, and tone up fast. We understand and know how challenging it can be these days to live that Healthy Lifestyle. With all the rushing around, multi-tasking, trying to get it all in and done by day’s end, running through drive through windows, forgetting about good, quality foods, and not having time for exercise. These are the reasons why obesity rates today keep getting higher, not to mention the many health issues that come with poor diet and exercise.  However, with all this being said,  all of us at BFIT are convinced that it is never too late to make exercise and clean eating a part of your every day lifestyle.

My commitment to you as Owner and Program Director of BFIT4LIFE,  is to provide to you a motivating, challenging, safe, and effective exercise program that promises fast results in fat burning and body sculpting.

Sometimes, all we need in life is a little support and guidance to get serious, make some changes for the better,  and start a healthier lifestyle.  At BFIT4LIFE our promise is just that. Remember you are not remembered for what you start in life, but what you finish.  What are you waiting for?   Your friend and coach,  Dana Ward

joewbInstructor Profile: Joe Miller

From Toledo, Ohio, Joe Miller has been working with all levels of fitness in Chandler, and the surrounding East Valley area for almost 8 years. Joe received his Bachelors of Science from Ohio Northern in Sports Management and Wellness. He then furthered his career by receiving his masters at Bowling Green, Ohio University in Sports Administration.

Dustin TrainerInstructor Profile: Dustin Hendrix

With 13 years of experience in Personal Training, Co-Ed Small Group Training, Youth Fitness, and Special Population Training, from the elderly to the experienced athlete. Whatever your fitness level is, Dustin is guaranteed to bring out the best within you.  Dustin is a strength and conditioning specialist with experience in power lifting, body building, weight management, athletic training and youth fitness. Dustin enjoys working with all populations and specifically enjoys small group training.


BFIT Kids Coach Shawn Bodtman.

lisaInstructor, Sales Director: Lisa Anderson

Lisa has lived in Arizona for 39 years she is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She’s been a certified personal trainer and group fit instructor for thirteen years. Her many certifications include AFAA, Schwinn, and  kickboxing.In her own words, “My experience in people reaching their fitness goals…  After being a seasoned group fitness instructor for thirteen years,  I have been able to read my members individual fitness levels and provide a fun and challenging workout that is safe for the beginner as well as the advanced.

jameswebInstructor Profile: James Wheeler

James Wheeler has been a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) including group and one-on-one training for 11 years. He has experience in many different sports and training styles. His exploits: U.S. Navy Rescue Swimmer – 5 years, Physical Education teacher – 4 years, Swim, Basketball and Football coach – 4 years, Tae Kwon Do Instructor – 13 years, National and State Champion Tae Kwon Do (Sparring).