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#BFIT4LifeHSC! Week Two Challenge

Week 2 Challenge:
Attend our extra CORE workouts at BFIT or complete the CORE workout at home. For those who are following the meal plans,  please stick with the same menu for week 2.  We have had most members lose 2-3lbs which is on target weight loss.  Week 3 we will start re assessing those on the meal plans and will be offering suggestions for their exchanges.   Please attend our Nutrition 101 class if you would like to learn more about our Meal Plan Counseling Service.


Full sit Up 20x

Bicycle crunch 20xwomen

Leg Raise w/ Hip Thrust 15x

Plank on Forearms 1 Min

Seated Knee ups 20x

Windshield Wipers 12x (side to side = 1)

Feet up alt Oblique Crunch 15x (side to side = 1)

Mountain Climbers 20x (both sides = 1)

Repeat for 2 Sets