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Manipulate your hormones and turn your body into a Fat Burning Machine!



Hormones are responsible for how energetic we feel, how hungry we are, our sex drive, our metabolism and a whole heap more when trying to get a flat tummy and toned tush.

Take note of these key Hormones that can trigger fat storage and halt your fat burning process:

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Your pancreas produces insulin when your blood sugar levels increase more than about 1 teaspoon in your body. Insulin pushes the excess sugar in your blood into three available storage sights: the liver, glycogen stores in your muscle, and your fat cells.

If the liver and glycogen stores are already FULL (from a high carb diet) the remaining glucose in the blood is converted to FATTY ACIDS and most likely gets stored around your waist, your bootie, and your legs.

Learning to control insulin levels by reducing your consumption of trigger foods such as sugar, starchy carbs and caffeine is super important to help with fat storage in your body.


This hormone is produced in the pancreas and has the absolute opposite effect of insulin. When your blood sugar levels drop glucagon is released and triggers your fat cells to release their cargo to be used as fat.   Glucagon is a good thing, and when you get your insulin under control it will help ensure your blood sugar levels don’t dip too far into the red by forcing fat to be mobilized and used for fuel.   Glucagon is our friend! Yeah for Glucagon!


The stress hormone produced by your adrenal glands, is also known as the primary fat storage hormone. Cortisol is part of the fight or flight response. Faced with a “life or death” situation, cortisol increases the flow of glucose (as well as protein and fat) out of your tissues and into the bloodstream in order to increase energy and physical readiness

to handle the stressful situation or threat. Reduce your cortisol levels if they are too high these 3 ways:

  1. Get your sleep!
  2. Get regular exercise!
  3. Avoid Caffeine!


Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone, but did you know that it is present in women as well? Not only that but decreased levels of testosterone in both men and women has been linked to weight loss. Why is that? Muscle mass, of course.

Testosterone is a hormone that what allows our bodies to develop muscle mass. Increased muscle mass equals an increase in your body’s fat burning potential. Lower muscle mass slows your fat burn. An interesting little tid-bit is that in order for women to see an increased benefit from increased testosterone, estrogen levels have to be lowered as well.

Get your testosterone naturally

  1. 1.Weight lifting increases muscle mass, which then increases natural testosterone production.
  2. Get more zinc in your diet from green veggies


Estrogen, you know that hormone that women have a love hate relationship with? Estrogen’s responsibilities include regulating the female reproductive system and keeping female bodies ready for childbirth. Its responsibilities make it also a culprit in weight gain in women. Increased levels of estrogen prompt women’s bodies to hold on to fat. Sneaky little hormone, we need it to keep our reproductive organs healthy, but too much of it will also make it harder to keep our waistline trim. Keep those Estrogen levels in check by.

  1. You know it! Regular exercise.
  2. Yes, get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.


Leptin is an interesting hormone; it’s like an off switch for hunger. Leptin signals your brain’s hunger control center, the hypothalamus when your body has adequate stores of food energy. Seriously it’s name even means thin. Seems like increased levels of leptin would make us all thin right? Wrong, this little bugger of a hormone is contradictory. Overweight people tend to have a very high leptin level; only it’s not really doing its job. Web MD explains it best, “The problem is that overweight people have large amounts of leptin, but their brains aren’t getting the important signal to stop eating.

How come the brain doesn’t get it? That phenomenon is called ‘leptin resistance,'” says Lustig, who has done research on the subject. leptin resistance is similar to insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes, in which the pancreas produces large amounts of insulin, but the body doesn’t respond to it properly.” So there really is no use to take leptin supplements to loose weight, rather control and regulate your Leptin levels by reducing insulin resistance. See insulin for tips on that. One thing is for sure; leptin is a relatively new find so we’ll be watching the research on this one and will keep you updated gang!


Ghrelin is another of those complicated hormones. It’s produced in the stomach and tends to slow metabolism and increase hunger. It the signal that our stomach is empty and would like some more food. “Feed me!” As more research is done, Ghrelin seems to change its function in obese people. The moral to this story is that obesity causes a malfunction in our hunger receptors. So in order to keep ghrelin functioning correctly, stick to a healthy diet.

Growth Hormone:

Human Growth Hormone or HGH has been a controversial topic for many years. From its ban by sports organizations to whether supplements are effective, it is certainly talked about. HGH is found naturally in our body and does promote muscle recovery after workouts. It is found in higher concentrations in children because it is necessary for growth and development and declines, as we get older. This decline in GH is the reason that it is often touted as the anti- aging hormone. While there are instances where GH is prescribed, the over the counter supplements are not something I recommend and there is risk in improper use, but there are some ways to prompt the GH that is already in your system to be more effective. I’ll bet you can guess what they are.

  1. Training, train with weights to build muscle.
  2. Sleep, our bodies produce much of our natural GH while we sleep, so 7-8 hours is critical.
  3. Eat a high protein low glycemic index diet.

It is important to know how hormones affect your body when trying to lose weight. Next time you are at your doctor’s office, have him or her do a simple blood draw to check your hormone levels, information is power gang! We are always looking out for your health, it’s as simple as that!