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Meet our Teen Camper of the month: Katelynn!

Katelynn is one of our teen campers and we are so proud of her dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and getting fit! We love seeing teens getting out there and working hard.
Go Katelynn!katelyn


1.  How did you learn about BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps? 
My mom found it on Groupon and thought it would be a good way to introduce me to boot camp.
2.  What inspired you to join BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps?
Looking at the results of your other customers, inspired me to want to get into shape.
3.  How long have you attended BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps?  And what are your favorite times to go?
I have been attending class for 5 months and my favorite time to attend is 5 pm Monday and Wednesday and I prefer Saturday at 9:30 am so I can sleep in.
4.  Please tell us your favorite exercise.  Please tell us your least favorite exercise. 
My favorite is working with the weights. My least favorite are sleds.
5.  Please tell us specifically how BFIT4LIFE is helping your with your fitness and nutritional goals.   
BFIT4LIFE has helped introduce cardio and strength training into my weekly activity and has helped educate me on nutrition and making healthier choices.
6.  We want to know,  what do you want to be when you graduate high school?  What are your future dreams in a nut shell? 
When I graduate from high school I would like to attend college and study in the medical field. My future dreams is to be in a profession that is helping others live a healthier life.